Fish Passage Restoration – Milwaukee River Watershed
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Mequon and Grafton, WI

Ozaukee County is aiming to remediate eight impediments to fish passage on Mee-Kwon Creek and Kaul Creek in the Milwaukee River watershed.  Remediation on Mee-Kwon Creek is complementing previous connectivity work on Pigeon Creek and reconnecting stream habitat, a large pond, and up to 64.3 acres of floodplain and wetland habitat along Pigeon Creek.  Remediating fish passage impediments on Kaul Creek is complementing previous connectivity work and ongoing habitat restoration on Ulao Creek and reconnecting approximately 0.8 stream miles, the Bluewing Waterfowl Protection Area, and up to 62.3 wetland acres along the mainstem of Ulao Creek.  This work is allowing formerly segregated fish and wildlife communities to access a wide diversity of requisite habitats and to respond to a variety of environmental pressures.  The  project activities are benefiting population recovery efforts for remnant and/or imperiled native fish species, and bolstering other key ecologically and recreationally valuable fish species throughout Ozaukee County, the Milwaukee River Watershed, the Milwaukee Estuary, and Lake Michigan.

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