Fish Habitat and Watershed Restoration of Blackhoof River
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The Blackhoof River is a major tributary to the Nemadji River, the most westerly and southerly portion of the Lake Superior basin

Minnesota Trout Unlimited will restore one mile of stream through bank stabilization, planting native vegetation, and installation of in-stream habitat structures. This work will improve geomorphological processes, restore coniferous bank cover, and improve habitat for brook trout and other aquatic organisms. Historic logging and land clearing activities altered flow regimes and peak discharges, causing significant bank and slope instability and limiting the amount of stable habitat vital for trout reproduction and aquatic invertebrate production. The project will restore unstable, eroding stream banks along one half mile of river using natural channel design methodology, which will increase pool depth and the amount of year-round cover habitat for juvenile and adult trout. It will also expose substrates for both spawning and food production. Additionally, the riparian habitat will be planted with coniferous species. Short and long term benefits of these plantings include shading the stream, stabilizing the stream channel, curbing erosion and sedimentation, and providing a source of future in-stream cover habitat. This work will ultimately improve stream conditions that are far more favorable to sustaining robust wild trout populations as well as the entire aquatic community.

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