Field Workshop Kit for the Great Lakes Region
Grant Recipient:

Grant Awarded:


Lake Basin(s):

Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie

Project Location(s):

Natural areas in the Great Lakes region -- expansion will take place organically from our core area in northern lower Michigan

The Stewardship Network developed and distributed Field Workshop Kits that enable sponsors and practitioners of workshops and workdays to quickly and effectively plan and host science-based events.  The Field Workshop Kit consists of guidelines, science-based educational tools, presentation templates, supply lists, and a vetted presenter list.  Kits are available both physically and digitally.  All assets in the kit are  initially custom-developed by topic, and 60 different versions of the kits, based on the most-popular topics, were developed.  The Stewardship Network will produce eight copies of each kit, for a total of 480 physical kits.  These kits address the growing need for standardized tools for the efficient planning and facilitation of stewardship workshops and workdays.

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