Erie Marsh Preserve Coastal Wetlands Restoration

Photos: The Nature Conservancy

Grant Recipient:

The Nature Conservancy

Grant Awarded:


Lake Basin(s):


Project Location(s):

Western Lake Erie basin; Monroe County, MI

The Nature Conservancy is implementing phase 2 of a four-phased project to improve freshwater coastal wetland at Erie Marsh Preserve.  The Preserve is owned by The Nature Conservancy and managed cooperatively with Erie Shooting and Fishing Club and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  It represents 11% of the remaining marsh in southeastern Michigan and is one of the largest marshes on Lake Erie.  This phase of the project is aiming to restore or enhance a total of 220 wetland acres:  it is restoring/enhancing 176 acres of degraded wetlands by constructing/rehabilitating 3.6 miles of dikes around 5 wetland management units, and also improving management of an additional 44 acres of wetlands.  This work will increase the quality and diversity of wetland habitat types within the Preserve by allowing independent water level management of five wetland units ranging in size from 24 to 92 acres.  Twenty-nine species of waterfowl are expected to benefit from the restored wetland habitat, including five species that are listed as high priority species under the North American Waterfowl Management plan: northern pintail, American black duck, mallard, lesser scaup, and greater scaup. Other priority bird species, including shorebirds, wading birds, and landbirds, will also benefit.

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