Erie Marsh Preserve Coastal Wetlands Restoration – II
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Southeastern Michigan; western Lake Erie basin; Monroe County

The Nature Conservancy – Michigan will continue to restore and enhance coastal wetland habitat as part of the larger effort to improve 946 acres of coastal wetland habitat in western Lake Erie. The wetlands are owned by The Nature Conservancy and managed cooperatively with Erie Shooting and Fishing Club and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They represent 11% of the remaining marsh in southeastern Michigan and comprise one of the largest marshes on Lake Erie. This work is phase III of a four-phase design and will restore 65 acres of wetlands through the improvement of a diked management unit. Project activities will include repairing and improving over 1.5 miles of dikes, constructing a section of a water distribution channel, installing two water control structures to facilitate water management, and seeding embankments to prevent establishment of invasive species. Upon completion, the restored wetlands will provide habitat for coastal wildlife, improve long-term control of invasive Phragmites australis, and contribute to the long-term ecosystem function of an imperiled coastal wetland. Additonally, 29 species of waterfowl and 11 species of conservation concern are expected to benefit from the restored wetland habitat.

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