Eggers Grove Marsh and Swale Restoration
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Eggers Grove on Forest Preserve District of Cook County land in Chicago, IL

The Field Museum of Natural History, Forest Preserve District of Cook County, and community volunteers received a grant to enhance 85 acres of marsh and dune and swale habitat along the southern rim of Lake Michigan at Eggers Grove.  Project goals include: 1) restoring native vegetation and structure to a 40-acre marsh through control of Phragmites, prescribed burning, and native seeding; and 2) enhancing 45 acres of woodland and wet-swale habitat by removing woody and herbaceous invasive species to promote native vegetation.  Additionally, the project is training at least 30 volunteers in ecological restoration techniques to assist the Forest Preserve District of Cook County in ecological management of the site.  Through this work, the project will improve nesting and foraging habitat for state-threatened and endangered wetland-nesting birds, migrant waterfowl, Neotropical warblers and many other wildlife species.

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