Early Detection/Rapid Response of Invasive Plant Species along Eastern Lake Michigan
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500+ miles of eastern Lake Michigan coastal dunes and associated systems, from the Indiana/Michigan border to the Mackinac Bridge

The Nature Conservancy – Michigan is surveying and controlling invasive species along the 505-mile shoreline of eastern Lake Michigan. This work is improving coastal dune and wetland habitat for many rare wildlife and plant species. The project’s main goal is to effectively eradicate the highest-threat invasive plants at eastern Lake Michigan’s most ecologically important sites. This effort is focusing on Early Detection/Rapid Response invasive plant eradication and is supported by the long-term, multi-partner collaborative efforts of the Michigan Dune Alliance, a Cooperative Weed Management Area. The restored landscape will aide  in the recovery of viable, connected, and resilient coastal habitat and support globally unique and biodiverse systems and species of conservation concern throughout eastern Lake Michigan.

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