Duncan Bay Coastal Wetland Protection and Restoration
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Duncan Bay in Cheboygan, Michigan

Huron Pines Resource Conservation & Development Council will preserve and restore 317 acres of coastal wetland habitat and 3,500 feet of shoreline along Duncan’s Bay. The Duncan Bay’s coastal wetlands contain forested dune and swale complexes interspersed with coastal marshes and rich cedar swamps that provide habitat for many rare, threatened, and endangered species. However, these habitats are under pressure by invasive species, wetland alteration, and development. To address these issue the project will not only preserve the coastal habitat, but also restore 280 acres of the property through invasive species control and restoring wetland hydrology by removing impediments to water movement. Finally, the project will replace two road-stream crossings on Elliot Creek, a high-quality coldwater tributary, opening two miles of stream habitat and access to the coastal wetland habitat by fish and other aquatic species. By protecting and restoring a large portion of critical Great Lakes coastal wetland habitat, the project will preserve critical habitat and ecosystem functions for both migratory and resident species.

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