Dowagiac River Fish Passage Restoration
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Dowagiac River near Niles in Berrien County, MI

Niles City is removing the Pucker Street Dam on the Dowagiac River and conducting associated channel/floodplain restoration and sediment management. The Pucker Street Dam is the only main stem barrier blocking fish passage on the Dowagiac River. It is also a significant impediment to stream function, including the transport of sediment, nutrients, and large wood. Project activities include removing the dam, dredging an estimated 130,000 cubic yards of sediment, installing/enhancing 2 miles of high-gradient habitat (pools, riffles, large wood), and vegetating/stabilizing approximately 1/4 mile of bank with native plants. This work is aiming to reconnecting 159 stream miles with 11,000 acres of wetlands and restoring 2 miles of coldwater stream habitat for walleye, smallmouth bass and other fish.

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