Developing a Restoration and Protection Plan for the Marengo Basin

Photos: Bad River Watershed Association, Todd Hogrefe

Grant Recipient:

Bad River Watershed Association

Grant Awarded:


Lake Basin(s):


Project Location(s):

Marengo River basin,

The Bad River Watershed Association incorporated citizen values and watershed conditions into a watershed action plan for the Marengo River basin.  The plan promoted watershed health by coordinating watershed improvement and land-use planning activities among local citizens, governments, and natural resource agencies.  Plan development was accomplished through the formation and operation of the Marengo River Watershed Partnership, which consisted of three committees.  The Citizen Involvement Committee gathered input from citizens to determine local interests and concerns about land and water resources.  The Technical Committee recommended specific actions that improved watershed health while working toward citizen interests.  The Steering Committee used those recommendations to draft a watershed action plan that was approved by the entire partnership.  Then, as an initial demonstration of how watershed-scale decision-making can guide local management decisions, one culvert blocking fish passage in the Marengo River basin was selected and replaced based on the priorities and activities outlined in the plan. This restored fish passage to 1.5 miles of stream.

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