Detroit River–Western Lake Erie CWMA: Managing priority invasive species in  coastal marshes (MI)
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Lake Erie coastal wetlands, Monroe and Wayne counties, MI

The western Lake Erie basin coastal marshes are among the most biologically significant within the Great Lakes, providing critical habitat for migratory and wintering birds, improving water quality, and reducing flooding. However, encroaching and established invasive species threaten to impair these wetlands and degrade habitat quality over time. The Nature Conservancy will work with the Detroit River–Western Lake Erie Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA; 16 members comprising federal, state and local government agencies, corporations, NGOs, academia, and other partners) to survey priority aquatic and upland invasive species and operationalize plans to reduce invasive phragmites and other invasives across more than 8,800 acres of ecologically and recreationally vital Lake Erie coastal wetlands. The project will utilize survey data to prioritize treatments, track and map target invasive species locations and treatments, and remove invasives from at least 776 acres across more than 20 coastal wetland locations.

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