Connecting Coastal Wetlands; Strategic Habitat Restoration for Species of Concern (IL)
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Lake County, Illinois

The Chiwaukee Prairie Illinois Beach Lake Plain contains high-quality coastal dune and swale habitat across over 4,500 protected acres. However, fragmentation by patches of lesser quality habitat (often invaded by exotic plants) is threatening the high-quality habitat continuity critical to sustaining and enhancing the biodiversity of the rare Lake Plain ecosystem. The Lake County Forest Preserve District and the Chiwaukee Prairie Illinois Beach Lake Plain Partnership will restore three parcels of lesser quality connecting habitat to reestablish high-quality Lake Plain habitat continuity in the Chiwaukee Priarie Illinois Beach Lake Plain. The project will employ invasive woody and herbaceous plant management strategies to eradicate or contain invasives on 275 acres, benefiting Blanding’s turtle, eastern prairie fringed orchid, and other federally and state listed species of concern.

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