Coastal Wetland Restoration at the Pt. Sable Nature Preserve
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Point au Sable Nature Preserve, at the mouth of Wequiock Creek in Northeastern WI

The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay received a grant to restore coastal wetlands on Pt. au Sable, which is the largest coastal wetland complex on the east shore of Green Bay. Project activities  included an extensive controlled burn in 2012, followed by helicopter spraying of herbicide, mowing, follow-up herbicide treatment, and flooding of the lagoon. Outcomes of this project included the removal and management of invasive Phragmites australis, buckthorn, honeysuckle, and garlic mustard on 114 acres of wetland and associated upland habitat that has allowed for open water habitat and the reintroduction of native wetland and understory plant species. This project also represented the first stage in the restoration of a large coastal wetland that provides important stopover habitat for migratory birds and breeding habitat for resident species.

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