Coastal Restoration at the Refuge Gateway and Humbug Marsh
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Refuge Gateway and Humbug Marsh properties in Trenton, MI

The Downriver Community Conference, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other partners restored and enhanced coastal, wetland and associated upland habitat at Wayne County’s Refuge Gateway and the adjacent Humbug Marsh unit of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge.  Specifically, restoration activities resulted in a net gain of coastal wetland habitat and of riparian buffer habitat in the Refuge Gateway, treatment of 2.5 miles of shoreline for invasive Phragmites, and the removal of buckthorn and garlic mustard on more than 50 acres of forested lakeplain habitat in Humbug Marsh.  This work is part of a broader effort to restore the entire Refuge Gateway property and Humbug Marsh unit.  The entire project contributed to the restoration of 454 contiguous acres of coastal wetland and buffer habitat along the Detroit River, improving habitat for many species of conservation concern with the Detroit River Area of Concern.

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