Coastal Habitat Restoration in the Western Lake Erie Basin
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Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, Ottawa County, OH

The Nature Conservancy is partnering with Ducks Unlimited and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore and enhance approximately  agricultural row crop fields, emergent wetlands, bottomland and upland forest, and sedge meadow at two sites within the Western Lake Erie coastal zone.  At Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, coastal wetlands and fallow agricultural lands will be restored through hydrologic reconnection, fish access improvement, invasive species control, and reforestation.  At The Nature Conservancy’s McEndeavor property on Catawba Island, 115 acres of coastal wetlands and agricultural land are being restored and enhanced through increased water conveyance and control, improved aquatic connectivity and fish passage with the former Portage River channel, and invasive species control.  This work is improving habitat for many threatened and endangered species, increasing accessibility and quality of spawning habitat for more than 25 fish species, and improving water quality within the Crane Creek watershed and Lake Erie.  This project will contribute to the recovery of Beneficial Use Impairments for Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations, Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat, and Degradation of Benthos within the Maumee River Area of Concern.

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