Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest Coldwater Habitat Reconnection
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Iin northeastern Wisconsin on key coldwater streams and rivers on and adjacent to the Nicolet National Forest

Trout Unlimited will replace seven culverts to improve aquatic habitat connectivity on and adjacent to the Nicolet National Forest. This work will reconnect 30 stream miles to improve passage by brook trout and other aquatic organisms. Trout Unlimited will first use existing surveys to establish a prioritization strategy for road–stream crossing projects. Based on the prioritization strategy, those structures with the highest priority for replacement will be identified and conceptual designs will be created. Lastly, the project will replace at least seven priority road–stream crossings using stream simulation methodology to restore aquatic organism passage, enhance riparian habitat, and reduce erosion. By reconnecting and restoring important coldwater rivers that have been physically disconnected by poorly designed road–stream crossings, this project will contribute to healthy, productive, and resilient fish communities in key subwatersheds on and adjacent to the Nicolet National Forest.

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