Chandler Park Wetland Project (MI)
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Chandler Park, Detroit, MI

The Detroit River was identified as an Area of Concern (AOC) under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement due to significantly degraded water quality as a result of combined sewer overflows, stormwater runoff, and urban development. Storm water runoff from the 100 acres of Detroit’s Chandler Park drains directly into the sewers and ultimately the Detroit River, and is a significant contributor to combined sewer overflows (CSOs) during large storm events. The Chandler Park Conservancy will construct a 2-acre wetland to capture and treat more than 2 million gallons of stormwater annually. This marsh wetland will be supplemented with native plantings, including over 100 upland trees installed, to capture and treat runoff routed to the wetland area. These efforts will significantly minimize the park’s contribution to CSOs within the Detroit River watershed, help to improve water quality, and address the river’s beneficial use impairments.

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