Centerville Creek Restoration
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Centerville Creek Watershed, Village of Cleveland, Manitowoc County, WI

Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership and partners restored a reach of Centerville Creek, a tributary of Lake Michigan in Cleveland, Wisconsin.  Project outcomes included the restoration of 18 acres and 1,500 feet of stream bank and  the placement of in-stream habitat structures. These actions improved habitat and water quality and reduced the invasive species infestations that occurred after the Centerville Creek dam was removed in 1996.  In addition to providing enhanced shoreline and riparian habitats for wildlife, the project provided opportunities for community-driven stewardship of the creek and beach area by engaging local organizations with an interest in habitat monitoring, invasive species removal and other stewardship activities.

“I’m really excited by the plans for restoration of Centerville Creek because right now it is a biological desert.” Bob Domagalski, Avid Birder, Town of Centerville Resident

“We could never have found the funding or gotten the job done without LNRP. The project is a great community resource!” Cindy Huhn, President, Village of Cleveland

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