Calumet is My Backyard Environmental Stewardship Program III
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Located within the Lake Calumet area

The BOLD Chicago Institute, in partnership with Chicago Public Schools, the Field Museum and local environmental organizations, business and universities, continued to operate the Calumet Is My Backyard (CIMBY) environmental stewardship and leadership development project.  The project engaged students from ten Chicago schools in classroom learning about biodiversity, wetlands, invasive species, and the natural and cultural history of the Lake Calumet region.  It also provided opportunities for stewardship work at seven natural sites.  Each partner school selected a natural area with an established stewardship plan, prepared students for stewardship work through classroom instruction, and brought students to 4–5 stewardship outings.  Students also participated in five all-school events focusing on understanding the region and building leadership for environmental action.  Under the program:  1) 12–15 teachers were trained and provided with curriculum and education resources to provide classroom instruction; 2) 250–350 students received hands-on classroom instruction and opportunities to conduct stewardship; 3) 15 students were hired for paid summer internships at environmental organizations; and 4) students and teachers provided up to 5,000 stewardship hours for invasive species removal, planting native plants, water testing, litter abatement, and erosion control.

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