Breakneck Creek Fish Passage Improvement (NY)
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Hector NY along Breakneck Creek

Brook trout are recognized as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the 2015 New York State Wildlife Action Plan, but their range and habitats have been restricted by barriers to aquatic connectivity such as road-stream crossings. There are currently no known eastern brook trout populations in Breakneck Creek, but a portion of the stream has been identified by the US Forest Service as a priority area for brook trout reintroduction. In preparation for potential reintroduction efforts, Trout Unlimited, Inc. will replace a high-priority road-stream crossing to reconnect 9.7 miles of coldwater habitat and provide full passage for aquatic organisms. The project will also address flood resiliency and in-stream habitat impairments by installing a passage structure that will mimic natural stream bed and may include pools, riffles, and other habitat features.

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