Boardman River Fish Passage Restoration II
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Boardman River Watershed in Grand Traverse County, MI

The Conservation Resource Alliance is removing the Boardman Dam to reconnect stream habitat. This work represents the second construction phase of a project that is restoring connectivity to 160 miles of the Boardman River and improving habitat for brook trout, lake sturgeon, and many other fish. The overall project involves removing 3 dams and modifying the 4th lowest dam. The first dam was successfully removed in 2012, and a fully functioning stream channel and floodplain was restored. This next phase of the project involves removing the second of three dams and restoring the associated river channel and habitat. Removal of the Boardman Dam is being coordinated with the replacement of the failing Cass Road Bridge, which currently sits atop the dam. In addition to ecological benefits, the project provides significant benefits to the local economy and community safety.

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