Betsie and Platte Rivers Fish Passage and Instream Restoration
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Betsiel River and the Platte River; both rivers flow into Lake Michigan, MI

Conservation Resource Alliance is restoring aquatic connectivity and improving riparian and in-stream habitat in the Betsie and Platte Rivers.  Work will focus on important feeder streams to the Betsie and Platte Rivers by targeting five sites along Little Betsie, Dair and Red Creeks, the North Branch of the Platte River, and Woodcock Creek.  Perched, aging and undersized culverts, heavy sediment inputs from rural roads, and lack of woody debris have weakened the ability of these feeder streams to provide prime habitat for more selective fish and wildlife species in the greater watersheds.  The project goals include redesigning and constructing four road–stream crossings, stabilizing and realigning 300 feet of creek channel, and placing 1,000 feet of in-stream large woody debris.  This work is contributing to the improvement of habitat for trout and many other aquatic species, reconnecting 10 miles of stream with over 64 miles of river, several inland lakes and Lake Michigan, and preventing the input of 60 tons of sediment into the river systems.

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