Baugo Creek Habitat Improvement
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St Joseph County and Elkhart County, IN

St. Joseph County Parks Foundation, and St Joseph County Parks, the Indiana Lake and River Enhancement,  and the Elkhart County Drainage Board solidified a partnership for the long-term stabilization of the entire Baugo Creek system and implemented four projects based on recommendations of the 2004 Watershed Management Plan.  The St. Joseph County Ferrettie-Baugo Park at the mouth of Baugo Creek  installed bioengineered bank protection on shoreline and reconstructed a canoe launch and pier.  In addition, the park eliminated honeysuckle on park habitat, enhancing over 880 feet of shoreline.  The Elkhart County Drainage Board hired a local engineer to design and construct bioengineered bank protection on two critical sites.  In addition, the Drainage Board conducted a WARSSS Level 1-3 assessment on the entire creek system to identify and prioritize needed activities.

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