Allouez Bay Habitat Restoration

Photos: Todd Hogrefe

Grant Recipient:

Douglas County Land & Water Conservation Department

Grant Awarded:


Lake Basin(s):


Project Location(s):

Allouez Bay in the St. Louis River Estuary in the City of Superior, Douglas County, WI

The Douglas County Land & Water Conservation Department is restoring 25 acres of wild rice in Allouez Bay in Douglas County, Wisconsin. Work under with project will improving emergent wetland habitat for waterbirds and waterfowl within the St. Louis River System Area of Concern. The project is improving quality of habitat and foraging opportunity, reducing the impact of invasive species, re-establishing wild rice harvest opportunities, and increasing awareness of ecological and cultural significance of Allouez Bay and the St. Louis River Estuary. In the past century, Allouez Bay has seen a significant reduction in the amount of emergent wetlands due to heavy industrialization in the area. However, unlike some parts of the Estuary, Allouez Bay continues to provide valuable habitat to many species and native emergent wetlands still comprise a large portion of the shoreline and provide habitat for many resident and migratory species.

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